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Located in France, Aerolys is one of Aerofield’s strategic partnerships that helps extend and reinforce our technical reach across the globe.  AeroLys being CAMO approved with a rating covering Boeing and Airbus aircraft, is allowing us to offer you a wide range of services from pre-buy inspection to ferry flight including Aircraft Airworthiness management.

AeroLys was also selected by the french aircraft manufacturer ATR to manage their Final Assembly Inspection in Toulouse and provide assistance to LESSOR and LESSEE.

Major service provided by AeroLys in combination with Aerofieldservices are:

  • Pre-Buy Inspection
  • Records management:Scanning, Review, On-Line Access, Shipping
  • All checks on site technical representation
  • Aircraft delivery/ re-delivery
  • Mid-term lease/annual inspections
  • End of lease management

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